Paul in Danville, CA --"Dear Steve/Ticketbust: I am very pleased to let you know that I received notice today that my U-turn citation was dismissed by the court. Thanks to your firm's research on the height requirements for street signs, and the fact that the signs in question were not properly displayed, I was victorious in court. During the trial, I had a feeling that things were looking good when the judge said he would not render a decision at that time, but instead wanted to review my presentation facts and photos more carefully in private. Even the officer who ticketed me could only say "No, your honor", when asked if he had any response to my detailed facts refuting the traffic ticket during the trial. It was a truly empowering experience. Your firm has been a huge help and your guidance along the way has been invaluable. I was especially impressed with your quick responses to my questions and that the people at your firm would often call me personally to answer any questions I had along the way and to remind me of what I needed to do (or should expect) next. I will definitely recommend your service to others. Thank you again for all your help. You have saved me quite a bit in insurance premiums and also the fines and bail I paid the court."
Happy Customer
John S, Long Beach CA --"Dear Steven: You know what? You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I donít know how you did it, and I will admit that I was VERY skeptical to say the least when I first signed up for your program, but a couple weeks ago I received a form letter in the mail from the court. NOT GUILTY!!!! (WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!) And to make it even sweeter, they said I was getting my $334.00 fine refunded, not to mention NO POINTS on my license either! (Oh YAH!) It was even better a few days later, when the check came in that REFUNDED my money! Now THAT was a GREAT DAY!!!! I NEVER thought that anything like this could happen. EVER!! I always believed that once those greedy bas***ds got their mitts on Ďyer money, it was a done deal, and youíd NEVER get it back! Oh! And if you want to, you may certainly use me for an online reference. You even have my permission to use my full name, address, e-mail, phone number, whatever you like, because you have absolutely sold me that you are for real! Iíd be HAPPY to tell anyone who wants to hear about it. Heck, I already AM telling anyone I meet. And I have already sent two of my friends to your website for your help. Thank you VERY much! (?? Did I already tell you that you guys ROCK????)"
Satisfied Client
Chris, CA --
Hi, Steve... Big Thanks for the incredible service that your organization has delivered on my behalf! I just kind of "stumbled" upon your offerings after having received a speeding [ticket] that seemed rather suspect to me from the start. I have subsequently been so impressed with your people and the process that I just wanted to help get the word out to everyone, if that would be of interest to you. My profession is that of commercial voiceovers for radio, TV and web; I would be happy to offer any services in that arena that may appeal to you. Also, if there is any particular emphasis on any of the channels described below, I will make sure to address those for you, if you would like, as well. Thanks again, Ticket Busters!!! Chris
Satisfied Client
Max F., Sherman Oaks, CA --
Dear Steve. As I said over the phone, all my counts were dismissed and they are refunding me the $436, I sent through you to the court. You people did a great job and I thank you for your skills in handling these matters.
Satisfied Client
R. N. Miami, CA --
Hereís my story and I hope it forfills you with enrichment and that it gives you inspiration. Recently an officer pulled me over claiming I was doing 65 down a hill in my Big Rig in a 55 mph posted speed limit. I was shocked with thoughts randomly crossing my mind points,costs,how would it effect my career and of course the ticket itself, I was unsure how this would all effect me but I knew 1 thing I needed help. After numerous phone calls lots of sweat from the worries one thing was certain I was not about to give up. After numerous searches and plenty of calls one place stood out above the rest. They didnít guarentee me anything or falsify hopes to instill me with but the feeling I got from each individual assured me that they would do there best to protect my rights. It all started with a phone call to Ticketbust a lady named Cristina listened to what had happened to me and paired me up with a lady named A and her assistant named Amanda to represent me and of course we all know who Steve is. Each one played an essential role in assisting me. Just from getting to speak with each one made my confidence rise to a phonominal level. Alexis the lady representing me found a flaw in my ticket ( Which I lost the original copy and the duplicate copy was crinkled Iím sure didnít make her job much easier )with in seconds, that alone astonished me I was very impressed. She not only got my ticket dismissed and we are talking about California and a hefty fine of 435 dollars she also kept my liscense clean of points plus Iíve been notified by the State of California that my money is being returned to me Ē All Of IT ď. Her words the day she said to me letís see if we canít get this dismissed for you by Golly she meant it. Thatís why itís important to never give up. They might not get every ticket dismissed but best believe they are very sincere honest and will try harder then anyone. If theres a flaw in a ticket they are going to find it Iíd put my faith in there hands before Iíd ever call another ticket fighter. Thank you ticketbust for keeping my job in a ďwin winĒ situation and most of all thank you for getting my ticket dismissed !
Gary, El Sobrante CA --
Dear Ticketbust, I have always been somewhat skeptical when it comes to "money back guarantees". My level of trust was still active and raw after receiving a speeding ticket, purchasing an $60 Fight your ticket book and then searching the web for information.

I had several replies from scammers in Zimbabwe to people proclaiming to be "experts in the industry of getting rid of tickets". And the book basically said hire a lawyer or you are scr--ed !!!

Your site seemed honest and straight to the point.

I enlisted your services, someone; "a live person" called me soon after. I followed your instructions to the letter; called to check on "my ticket status" several times. (your staff always pleasant and answered any questions I had).
I have just received my fine amount, bail, back from the local court......which means; I was informed by the nice young lady in your office..(Amanda).......I WON  well you WON on my behalf.

You folks are the BEST...............Thank You Soooooooooooo much. Best to you all at TICKETBUST  ...and give Amanda, Christina and Steven   a raise or at least diner and drinks !!! Thank you sooo much
Michael, Orange County, CA -- Dear Ticket Busters of California, I just wanted to let you know I received a court response today on my ticket# T694669. They judged me not guilty and are sending me back my $202 ticket bail. I donít know how you did it but thank you. I am very impressed. I suspect we will be talking again in the future, but hopefully not for some time.
Jim, San Diego, CA -- Dear Steven, I have received the TR-215 Decision and Notice of Decision. I am absolutely astonished by the court decision of Dismiss. The personal check was cashed some time ago, so I thought that it was all over. Now the clerk of the court has to reimburse me for the check amount. I just want to say that because of your unique method of articulating the facts; you have proven that your company, The Original Ticket Busters, does do exactly what it is suppose to do. I am so pleased with the outcome and the fact that my unblemished driving record in California will remain clean. If there is a recommendation that I may be able to make with respect to the success of your company, please let me know. So I just want to say thank you very much!
Darryl, Palm Springs CA -- I couldn't believe what these guys did for me. I had 2 infractions on one ticket and these guys got the court to dismiss both of them. With nearly 400 bucks back in my pocket, and hundreds saved on my insurance I could not go wrong giving ticket busters a try. Thank you Ticket Busters for everything. I have already told several people about your service.
Richard, Manhattan Beach CA --Thank-you Ticket Busters! I was skeptical of your biz at 1st. Now that my case is dismissed, I will always contact your help. So much for PD BS. NO traffic school, NO point and a refund coming from Torrance Court. Finding your service by mistake is the best thing that could had happened. THANKS - You earned it.
Susan, Encino CA -- I could not believe that i was able to get out of my speeding ticket. You guys are great. You saved me over $300.
David, Los Angeles CA -- My insurance was already way too high, there was no way i could afford another ticket on my record. With your help, I was able to keep my ticket off my record. I will definitely tell my friends about your service.
Craig, Calabasas CA -- I just went to traffic school for my last ticket and couldn't go again for 18 months. You guys helped me get out of my ticket so i didn't have to even worry about traffic school.
Elizabeth, Valencia CA -- My husband would kill me if he found out i got another ticket, he was already pissed about the last one. Thanks for helping me keep my marriage together and saving me money.

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