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"...Ticketbust is a better option than fighting a ticket in open court."

Officer Gregg, LAPD Traffic Officer

Bust My Ticket

We can help BUST your California Cell Phone Ticket!The FightCellPhoneTickets.com staff busts these type of tickets through a process that has been developed, tested, and proven to work for speeding, red light, red light camera, and other California traffic tickets. In California, a ticket for violating the hands-free law brings a fine of only $20. However, after court and administrative costs, it usually runs a driver between $100 and $150, plus it is reported to DMV, which means another offense could end up costing $50 more than the first offense. Nobody wants that!

Although our staff does not condone using cell phones for talking without a hands-free device or texting while you are driving, you will find no judgment here, just help. We understand that new laws can catch all of us off guard.

Even though the first cell phone ticket offense does not add a point to your California driving record, it is a reportable offense, so the California Department of Motor Vehicles will keep track of your offenses.

With our proven method, we can get your cell phone ticket dismissed or at least reduced and no offense will be reported to DMV. If you are under 18, the restrictions and consequences are even steeper.

You may have thought about fighting this cell phone ticket on your own. You may have even been brave enough to try preparing your own Trial by Written Declaration, but here’s a few reasons why you might turn to the cell phone ticket experts at FightCellPhoneTickets.com instead.

The type of arguments we use in preparing your Trial by Written Declaration can include:

  • Disputing the Law Itself
  • The Legislatures Intent
  • The Burden of Proof Being Upon the People
  • The Elements of the Alleged Offense Must Be Met
  • How Can the Element of Usage be Proven
  • Other Case Law as it Relates to Cell Phone Bans and Violations

Plus we will do all the paperwork and submit it to court within the strict deadlines, avoid the Headache, let us fight your cell phone ticket!

TicketBust.com, parent company to FightCellPhoneTickets.com, has been around since 2004 helping California drivers get their traffic and speeding tickets dismissed. So, when this law became enforceable, we created FightCellPhoneTickets.com to accommodate those drivers who have recently been issued a cell phone violation CVC§23123 (on a voice call) or a CVC§23123.5 (texting). Below is more information about our company, TicketBust.com and our successes.

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I used Ticketbust for a red light ticket I got in the City of Commerce and currently have a speeding ticket they're working on. They were very professional and got the work done quickly. One month after my ticket was due, I got a letter in the mail. My ticket was dismissed, no point on my record, no increase in my insurance rate and my $466 back! I drive approximately 360 miles per week and have sports car so I'm more prone to tickets. I've used other companies in the past and Ticketbust is by far the most efficient, professional and effective. I highly recommend them!

"Thank God for Ticket Bust!!!! I hadn't got a ticket in 20 years and then three years ago I got a speeding ticket. I contacted Ticket Bust and they got my ticket dismissed. Then a few months later a traffic camera claimed I turned illegally on a red light. I got the ticket in the mail and immediately called Ticket Bust. Dismissed!!!

Recently another speeding ticket on I 5. The CHP was right behind me and wrote me up. I thought sure I was busted and couldn't beat this one, but I thought what the heck… Contact Ticket Bust…. I just learned today… The ticket was dismissed! These folks are professional ticket busters. They fight for our rights and take a good look at every individual case. I am three for three, but just the same I am more careful and a better driver in part due to the great team of experts at Ticket Bust. Drive carefully, but don't give up if you do get a ticket! Contact Ticket Bust ...

You have nothing to lose. The police are more aggressive than ever before… Mandated to issue more tickets to raise more money for their cities, counties and state... You have friends that are willing to fight that ticket for you! Thanks again Ticket Bust, but God Willing I won't need to contact you again... But if I do…. Well… Thanks for being there!"

- Steve from San Diego

You have saved me from years of paying $300 to $400 more in insurance premiums...

- Peter from Orange County

TicketBust is a life saver for me. Imagine this, my new job of lower pay requires much driving throughout S.F. bay area, not used to some area communities I run through 2 red light camera intersections Hayward and Milbrea within a week from each other, now I owe $466.00 per ticket, that adds up to over $1000 if you include defensive driving school for each and a $57.00 admin. fee which the traffic court quoted to me by phone, but they got both dismissed and the other court has mailed me one bail check and the(hayward) court has mailed me a letter 4 days ago stating, case dismissed bail to be refunded to me withn 60 days.

- Rene from Northern California

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